These are FREE downloadable resources I have developed for my clients to help them apply specific tips as they deal with particular challenges. They are my gift to you.

Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed? 

Have you ever felt like life is just too much?  You are being pulled in different directions and simply don't know what to do?  Click below to receive a FREE LIFE CHANGING report "The 5 Best Ways to Achieve Clarity & Create the Life of Your Dreams" 


Creating the Life you Want & How to Achieve it in 90 Days or Less

With clarity of vision, focused goals and a plan miracles can happen.  Well planned incremental steps propelled with a powerful why build momentum.  Learning to be accountable and keep commitments to yourself are the fuel of accomplishment.


The Power of Choice

The ultimate freedom is the power to choose.  The freedom to choose who we are and who we will become.  The freedom to choose what we are doing and what we will do.   Above all....the freedom to choose our attitude and how we deal with unanticipated events.


The Power of Why

Emotionally powerful "whys" propel action.  Without a powerful why hopes and dreams rarely become reality.  Change is difficult and only a powerful why gives us a reason to do the challenging work of change..


Vaccinate Yourself Against the Procrastination Bug

Procrastination is the #1 obstacle for most people in achieving everything they want in life. Procrastination is a choice. Choose to vaccinate yourself against so it ...... you can do this!


Do You Own Your Business...or Does Your Business Own You?

When you went into business you had an expectation for what your personal and professional life would look like as the business became successful. Today you have achieved great success, or at least a degree of success, but life isn't what you anticipated. Reclaim your life....Own your is never to late to reclaim ownership of your business and of your life. 


The 7 Pillars of a Happy & Successful Life

Creating your unique definition of success in the personal, physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, financial and relationship aspects of your life brings balance, joy and success..


10 Strategies to Move Beyond Child Sexual Abuse

Any kind of abuse is a horror no child should be subjected to.  The sexual abuse of a child leaves an  emotional legacy of betrayal and the destruction of the child's self esteem.  They feel unworthy of anything good.  The first step towards healing is to understand that regardless of what they have been told they are not responsible for the choices of another.  They are however responsible for doing whatever is required to keep that legacy from destroying their future.  Hope and healing are available.


Discover Your Style of Procrastination Paralysis

Procrastination is the #1 obstacle most of us face as we strive to achieve the goals we have set.  When you understand your primary style of procrastination you can recognize it more readily and be prepared to counter act it.  You will also become aware of your secondary styles and identify strategies to deal with them also.    



Are you struggling with any of these issues.? Are you ready to see what alternatives are available to get you unstuck and finally feel as though life is in balance and you are on solid ground moving forward?


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