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A few years ago, I was looking for a job but was not sure exactly where my place was. I called Ada about a job I wanted to apply for. As usual, she made herself available to listen and to support me. She was not judgmental. She answered my questions and then proceeded to ask me questions to cause some reflection about myself, my priorities, and my future goals. Ada is loving and genuine. I have reached out to her on several occasions to get her views on different topics. She shows a sincere interest in helping others. Her wealth of experience is one of her greatest assets. She is simply wonderful!

Marie-Therese Jasperson


Marie-Therese Jasperson


What is amazing to me is that every time I meet with Ada I feel that I learn more about my strengths. She has always brought clarity to situations I would have never thought of before. Her ability to inspire with such insight has contributed to my well-being during some challenging times in my life.

Sylvia Bagshaw


Sylvia Bagshaw


For many years Ada has been a great friend, counselor and advocate in my life. Ada will listen to a situation or a problem in your life with respect and genuine ears. She does so without judgment or a desire to superimpose her beliefs or solutions. Through measured comments and observations she helps you come to your own conclusions.

Kevin William


Kevin William


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