Confused and Conflicted

More than anything Spring wanted to be married with children.  She had dated but the dates all seemed to turn into friendships rather than romances. 

As she watched the men she cared for marry someone else and father the babies she desperately wanted, she became depressed and withdrawn. 

Life had left her feeling broken and worthless.  It definitely wasn't following her script. 

Is your life not following your script?  Not sure how to get it back on track?  No longer sure about what you want and how to achieve it?  It's time to stop listening to everyone else's voice and get in touch with your truth that lies within you.  

Spring and I began to work through her history.  I gave her exercises to re-engage her in life, and to discover that her truth was more than a husband and babies. 

Together Spring and I created a road map for her to move forward - tiny incremental steps that she felt would stretch her, but still felt doable.  It wasn't easy and there were still days where she retreated to her bed and pulled the covers over her head, but gradually those days became less frequent. 

Finding Hope and  Building Momentum

Spring began to regain hope for her future even though it might look different from what she had expected. 

She feel in love with family history  and began researching her ancestors and learning their stories.

As we worked through these incremental steps of re-engaging Spring in life, she began to find hope that one day she would be able to return to a productive life and no longer be dependent on disability payments.

Like Spring, as you begin to understand who you are at your essential core, a road map forward becomes clear.  As you use it to create success in small ways you build momentum to create success in big ways.

As Spring began to re-engage in life it frequently required her to step outside her comfort zone.  She began to get out more and to socialize more even though her heart wasn't in it. She understood why it was important and she had made a commitment to herself to do it.  She had come to understand the importance of keeping commitments to herself even if she wasn't in the mood.  She was seeing the light of hope and that she was building momentum in moving forward.  


Embrace the Joyful Life of Your Dreams

Spring had made a commitment to herself to participate in a variety of social activities through her church. 

One night at one of these activities she just felt as though she had had enough and retreated to the foyer.  A man had retreated there also.  They began to talk. 

Gradually a friendship developed.  He was divorced with 2 young children.  He too felt broken.  Life had not followed his script either.

Spring had changed.  Maybe that is why this time friendship evolved into romance. As she had found hope and healing Spring had learned to embrace life and find joy in a variety of things.  

About a year later Spring experienced the fulfillment of her original script as they were married and in one fell swoop Spring became a wife and a mother.    Fast forward 5 years.  Spring is the mother of 5 children - 2 step-children and 3 she has birthed.  She is confident of her worth as an individual. Her life is crazy busy but she is radiant with joy.

As the momentum builds you find your self-esteem soaring. You feel energized and confident feeling free to be you at last.  You experience the unbridled joy of seeing your dreams becoming your reality. 


Are You Struggling with the Legacy of Childhood Abuse?

There is hope and healing from the legacy of abuse.  You are not responsible for what you experienced.  That responsibility belongs solely and completely to your abuser.  Regardless of their history they made the choice to abuse you. 

Your responsibility to do whatever is necessary to stop that legacy from impacting your life as an adult. It's time to break the chains that bind you and cherish the sunlight of emotional freedom from that legacy.

This is my story.  My clients trust me because I understand their pain and their feelings of betrayal, rejection, abandonment and all the rest of the ugly stuff that results in us feeling worthless and devalued. 

The gift I bring my clients is that there is a path to hope and healing.  You have the power to end the emotional self abuse that is the legacy of your childhood abuse.  You will walk with courage and faith into the light of knowing and appreciating your value as a daughter of God.   

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