Making Mindful Decisions Will End Procrastination

Procrastination derails more goals and more good intentions than any other obstacle.  Yet it can be stopped with one word to a large degree,  That word is NO. But how can that be?

Use Your Unique Definition of Success to Make Mindful Decisions

When you use your unique definition of success as a mindful filter you will know when to say yes and when to say no.  If something is in alignment with your unique definition of success you say yes. If it is not in alignment with your unique definition of success you say no.

The 7 Pillars of a Happy & Successful Life  are the foundation on which your unique definition of a happy and a successful life is built.  

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This means you will say no to good things and to good friends.  That is not a bad thing.  It is not a selfish thing.  It means that you recognize that you can make the greatest contribution to your life,...

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Overcome Feelings of Being Overwhelmed

When it feels like life is falling short of the life we want to have, that we are striving to have, that we think we deserve to have, it is only natural to feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  We feel torn in too many directions and like it is not possible to do everything on our “to do” list. We may ask why?  We may feel life is not fair.  Others seem to manage to juggle everything gracefully. We struggle to understand why they can and we can’t.

Did You Procrastinate Yesterday?

Often those feelings come as a result of yesterday’s choices.  We are overwhelmed and frustrated and filled with regret that we didn’t take advantage of an opportunity, that we procrastinated doing something that is now biting us in the butt, or hindsight is now pointing out the error of our ways.

There is absolutely nothing we can do to change the past.  Our circumstances today are the result of thousands and tens of thousands of small and large decisions...

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