GPS for a Happy and Successful Life

goals life plan Jun 06, 2019

We have become accustomed to technological assistance in so many areas of life, but perhaps the greatest one for those of us who are direction-ally challenged is GPS.  Whether GPS is installed in our car, is a separate device or we use our phone it has the amazing power to get us where we are going.  In the old days we really needed a “navigator” who held the map and tried to give the driver directions.  Under the best of circumstances, it was challenging and often extremely stressful.

How GPS Works

Technology allows GPS to know where we are and when we tell it where we want to go and it will calculate the route.  It may offer a different route if traffic on our preferred route is blocked due to an accident.  If we miss a turn it automatically recalculates our route with new directions.  If we miss our freeway exit it may simply take us off the next exit and then give us directions to back track on surface roads to get us to our...

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