Finding Inner Peace in a Stress Filled World – Part 1 – External Stress

We live in a stress filled world.  Some of that stress is internally imposed.  Some of it comes from the world around us and is externally imposed.  In this blog I will discuss those external stressors.  In my next blog I will discuss the internal stressors.

Inner peace does not deny the realities that surround us.  It just insulates us from being consumed by them.

We each experience a variety of external stressors.  There are the common every-day variety ones.  Then there are stressors that come from unanticipated events.  Furthermore, there are the long-term stressors that seem to live with us in perpetuity.

Common Stressors

These are those irritating things that we encounter on a daily basis.

  • The guy who flips you off on the freeway
  • Your teenager who is a good kid but mouths off for no apparent reason
  • Your boss who is nit-picking a project

These are all things that cause an adrenaline rush in the moment, and in that moment we feel...

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