Goals and The COVID 19 Pandemic

On January 1, 2020 did you have a list of goals for 2020.  Were you excited about the promise of a new year and a new opportunity?  Was this the year you were going to finally ……….?

I suspect that if you are like most people some of those goals were already at risk before COVID 19 changed our world in March.  For essential workers, it increased their hours, their feelings of being at risk, and their stress levels.

For others they were suddenly thrust into the role of a homeschooling teacher.  I loved the comment of one child, when asked about his teacher, replied that he really wanted a different teacher the next year (sorry mom). 

For some there was the challenge of adjusting to telecommuting, and for others it was the challenge being unemployed with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

None of these things were anticipated when we optimistically created that list on “2020 Goals”.

Reality Check #1 – Some of Those Goals...

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Are You Living Someone Else's Dream?

dreams vision walt disney May 14, 2019

Dreams can feel magical.  The dreams we dream at night are generally different than the dreams we dream during the daytime.  This post will simply focus on daytime dreams. 

Have you sat under a tree on a beautiful sunny day, with a gentle breeze rippling through the leaves and a bird chirping as you allowed your mind to drift off to your perfect life?  It may not have been under a tree on a summer day, but I suspect that somewhere along the way you have allowed your mind to drift, and you have had a vision of what your perfect life would look like. 

Walt Disney said “If you can dream it you can do it.”  Disneyland was one of his dreams.  He faced ridicule and failure before he brought it into reality.  He had a dream and was not going to be denied.

It Was His Dream

This is the significant factor in his story.  It was his dream.  Society wasn’t saying “Walt, you need to create the happiest place on...

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