GPS Action Plans

We set goals.  We create to do lists.  Why do we need an action plan?  Isn’t that redundant?  No! It is the crucial missing piece that when omitted results in us spinning our wheels and keeping us from accomplishing our goals.

The Role of Goals

Goals represent the finish line.  That are explicit statements of things we want to accomplish or who we want to become.  The most effective goals are specific.  For example, instead of having a goal to save $1000.00 compare that with “I will save $1000.00 by Dec 31 of this year (6 months) by going to Starbucks once a week rather than every day.  In addition to saving money that will make my Starbucks visits feel special rather than routine.  That’s a double win I’m excited about!”  Do you see the difference?  General goals are nice but rarely achieved. 

Perhaps your goal is to write a book in the next 6 months and as nice as that is, the chances of it...

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