GPS for a Happy and Successful Life

goals life plan Jun 06, 2019

We have become accustomed to technological assistance in so many areas of life, but perhaps the greatest one for those of us who are direction-ally challenged is GPS.  Whether GPS is installed in our car, is a separate device or we use our phone it has the amazing power to get us where we are going.  In the old days we really needed a “navigator” who held the map and tried to give the driver directions.  Under the best of circumstances, it was challenging and often extremely stressful.

How GPS Works

Technology allows GPS to know where we are and when we tell it where we want to go and it will calculate the route.  It may offer a different route if traffic on our preferred route is blocked due to an accident.  If we miss a turn it automatically recalculates our route with new directions.  If we miss our freeway exit it may simply take us off the next exit and then give us directions to back track on surface roads to get us to our...

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Self Care or Self Indulgence

Self is a key part of both phrases but in no way are they interchangeable.  Self-care involves making a deliberate choice to care for our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well-being.  It is designed to improve our mood, focus, and productivity and reduce stress and anxiety.  Self-indulgence is the unrestrained indulgence of personal whims or desires without regard for the consequences or the impact on another.

Choosing Self Care  

What kinds of choices promote self-care?  Think about choices that enhance a sense of balance and well-being.  Adequate sleep is imperative if we want to function at an optimal level.  We may still function well if we are occasionally sleep deprived, but consistent sleep deprivation will show up and negatively impact every area of our lives. 

You know how important healthy food choices and regular exercise are to our well-being. 

Have you considered that feeding your mind and your spirit healthy ideas...

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Are You Living Someone Else's Dream?

dreams vision walt disney May 14, 2019

Dreams can feel magical.  The dreams we dream at night are generally different than the dreams we dream during the daytime.  This post will simply focus on daytime dreams. 

Have you sat under a tree on a beautiful sunny day, with a gentle breeze rippling through the leaves and a bird chirping as you allowed your mind to drift off to your perfect life?  It may not have been under a tree on a summer day, but I suspect that somewhere along the way you have allowed your mind to drift, and you have had a vision of what your perfect life would look like. 

Walt Disney said “If you can dream it you can do it.”  Disneyland was one of his dreams.  He faced ridicule and failure before he brought it into reality.  He had a dream and was not going to be denied.

It Was His Dream

This is the significant factor in his story.  It was his dream.  Society wasn’t saying “Walt, you need to create the happiest place on...

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choice mindful May 08, 2019

All three of these words have the same root…mind.  Yet they are totally different.  At different times each of them could probably accurately describe where we are at.  How do they differ and why is that significant?

When we are mindful, we are consciously focused on something.  We are fully and completely present.

Mindset refers to a fixed attitude and an unwillingness to change.  

Mindless is another way of describing what I frequently call living on “automatic pilot.” It is making choices without thinking about them and their potential consequences.

Being Mindless

Like so may other things in life this is not all good or all bad.  For the vast majority of us we do not need to think about breathing, our heart beating or simple movements.  These things happen mindlessly.  They do not require conscious thought.  That is great.  That allows us to focus on things beyond the basic mechanics of staying alive. ...

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Choices Are Our Values in Action

choice values Apr 30, 2019

The power to choose is one of the great freedoms we enjoy.  We have the power to choose who we are.  We have the power to choose what we do.  Sometimes they are intertwined.

The Power to Choose Who We Are

This relates to attributes of character.  Perhaps as a child you were taught to be kind.  If your spouse, your boss or someone else you interact with regularly never learned this as a child it may make for uncomfortable interaction.  You may view them as rude or uncaring when that is not necessarily their intention.  They may view you as lacking in strength and even wishy washy.

I was raised to say please and thank you.  As a young woman fresh out of college and in my first supervisory position I would ask my employees to “Please do …….. “ It didn’t take long for me to realize that they though they had a choice.  We had to have a heart to heart and nose to nose discussion to make them understand that...

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Friends Are Our Families of Choice

friends Apr 23, 2019


 We read about amazing families.  We hear about amazing families.  Sometimes it hurts because we are not part of an amazing family.

Birth Families

Attending church on Mother’s Day was very difficult for me for many years.  There was always what I called the “Sainted Mother” talk.  My mother tried, but her betrayal of me was such that when I was 15 I emotionally buried her.  I left home 1 month after my 16th birthday.  She died when I was 58.  I was an only child.  I did the best I could to be a good daughter, but I wasn’t emotionally invested, in as much as I had already buried her emotionally.  Listening to those accolades to marvelous and perfect mothers hurt me dreadfully because it felt so unfair.  There was such a contrast between what was being said, and my experience.

Like so many others I grew up in a dysfunctional home.  There are many things that contribute to...

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Feeling Frustrated?

choice frustration success Apr 16, 2019


When it feels like life is falling short of the life we want to have, that we are striving to have, that we think we deserve to have, it is only natural to feel frustrated.  We may ask why?  We may feel life is not fair.  We may ask what we need to do to change it.


How often have you looked back and said “I wish I had …..” or  “If only I had …”.  There is absolutely nothing we can do to change the past.  Our circumstances today are the result of thousands and tens of thousands of small and large decisions we have made in the past.  Our today is the cumulative result of all of those choices.  We can learn from the past.  However, once we have extracted the lessons from the past that are meaningful today or in the future, there is nothing to be gained by agonizing over it.   When we do that we lose today.


It is fun to dream about all...

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